Mar. 11th, 2011

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they tell you to be (who you are) as if
it's ever that simple-- if you say what you mean-- if
not when, and if you see the sun rise-- if (not when)
maybe you could understand if you walked in my shoes
a day or ten; this is what it's like, day in, day out:

in the morning, the sun sets grey and moldy outside the dirty window
i lift my head and there's a ceiling above me, a floor below me
so tired, like a winter star, like the sun behind curtains

the world is bloated with mundane noise; scrape and screech and whisper
(do you hear me?) people turn away--
they say: repeat after me.

and if by chance i remember you, it's an accident, understand
slipped on my tongue,  skated down my breath
you're another memory tucked behind my ear, understand? understand?
that's who you are, unnamed; unburdened of myself

they're always there, those strangers
with their dirty streets and empty houses, and they keep on moving
keep on keeping on 'cause this is ground zero (can you count to a day?)
this is history, and here's the address:
somewhere far away, the last place you'd look, that's me behind you.

i'm so late to my last appointment with myself
two zero, zero one-- hang up, try again.

there's soup still on the stove, a light on at the back, and mail on its way
there's life outside here, there's a place and a self--
repeat after me, a simple rhythm, creak groan gasp--
what else were you hiding?

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