Oct. 2nd, 2011

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I want to give you words to drown in.

I want to say 'I love you', and you would see the world, and the moon and the moonlit glade and the chirruping birds and insects besides.

In all the metaphors, I'll show you mirrors. In all the masks you wear, I'll show you truths; some that you always knew, and some that you'd prefer not to have remembered. In these moments alone, will be your Catalyst. In all the lies, I'll tell you stories. In all the kindnesses, I'll allow the cruelty in, just enough for you to grow and change beyond my expectations. You'll become too strong to need me, and once you don't, I'll finally love you as much as you'd wanted; that's the bargain we make.

The story begins in the dark, or perhaps in the morning. Yes, the morning, that is the best time. Waking up, our dreams askew on top of our brows, barely situated and not yet ready for shambling over to the shower, making the coffee, stumbling out the door, all in the same awkward rhythm that's begun and ended every day previous. But before all that: here we are.
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