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Um. Er... yeah, so this whole thread at fandom_wank (which almost never bothers me, and still hasn't, really) is about... um... how/why people don't like Luna. O_o Um. I guess, y'know, I get it. On the one hand, I guess it's weird these people are in fandom? But, I mean, a) people are dorky/weird/fannish/crazy-special/etc in totally diametrically different ways, I guess, as we all knew; b) well, I know Luna (and, er, myself) are likely to be kind of annoying to people who're totally rationalist/100% sane/concrete-minded. So. It's just. That I haven't *seen* that particular pov before? Even though it makes sense. In a way it's refreshing from all the overwhelming 'omg we LURV Luna' around in fandom, when I *KNOW* girls like her wouldn't actually be omg-bffs with 95% of the people going on about how awesome she is; I mean, it's been my observation that in real life, yeah, people just sort of let the quiet/introverted weird girl who says disturbing/odd/rambly things alone, mostly, unless by some chance they get to know her and/or spend time with her by no real choice of their own (like the Trio did). No one wishes her harm (not even on fandom_wank), and no one seems to be too willing to say 'yeah, I'd steal her shoes too', but generally, in reality, I think it's honest to say most people don't make that much of an effort, enough to see the 'bright side' of [a girl like] Luna.

Still. It's like, "... oh." And I mean, I'm not obviously crazy or anything, nor do I spout 'nonsense' theories, etc, which is the apparent deal-breaker for these posters. But. I do act a lot like her in most other ways, and she *is* a stereotype (ie, she's an exaggeration, especially in books 6-7). It's just kind of like with my last post-- I guess people I don't talk to much sort of decide I'm 'weird' or decide to avoid me since I'm avoiding them, or some combination of the two.

Anyway, food for thought. Also, I'm so gonna finish my DE!Draco novella for Christmas break just to show people that you can have a kickass/realistic Draco without, um, making him insist on continuing the whole Malfoy clan with babiez, etc. The whole epilogue-compliant... thing annoys me, but mostly in the context of H/D and what H/D writers do in reaction ('cause in my head, it doesn't bother me if it *only* exists in canon!verse to make canon!Harry-- who is, well, not gay and who doesn't like Luna like that-- happy). Well, the fanon!epilogue (and post-epilogue) annoys me, even just as a concept. I think even I'm incapable of writing epi-compliant things I'd *like*. I think the major reason I dislike the fanon use of the epilogue is that it generally misses the whole *point* of the epilogue (in my mind), which is that it exists to make Harry happy, and messing with it therefore messes with its raison d'etre. Like, there's no point if Harry happy with someone else, or if he's not really happy, or he'll stop being happy for any reason. I mean, no point on some sort of meta level of existence. *hands* I know it's irrational, but the epi is irrational and wrong itself *unless* it's there for gratuitous emotional gratification, so I figure you either indulge it the way it's intended or kindly ignore it. Unless you're writing a fic specifically dealing with angst/issues about infidelity/sexuality and give Ginny equal time, etc. Anyway.

So. I need to purge it and write something post-Hogwarts for my own satisfaction.

Currently fighting off a major attack of the ST:XI Kirk/Spock variety. I... they... I blame the hothothot hatesexy vids. >___>;;
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