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Y'know, y'know what enjoying fandom entails, for me? And also why I lose the groove after awhile. It's like this. You need to:
- Cheerfully embrace both sick/twisted/wrongness and canon squee;
- Have an insatiable desire for more of your favorite pairing/character, no matter what;
- Enjoy trivia, silly canon details and pointless info about inconsequential things re: world/characters;
- Enjoy surprises and stupidness for the sake of the stupid (it's cute! funny! and low-calorie);
- Be ready to be grateful, amazed and excited when you find a really good long fic, rather than disgusted/annoyed by yet another short, OOC boring fic.
- Genuinely feel there are lots of possibilities for meta/ficcage in the universe even if you don't wanna read about them all (having some positive thoughts to send towards shippers of a couple you don't actively ship allows you to feel part of an invisible community of 'fandom' at large).
- Extra bonus points for shipping an OTP character with more than one person (stress goes way down, I think, enjoyment way up, usually).

I *can* be all those things; I just can't be all the time. Basically it's all about embracing your purely emotional response and avoiding overthinking/overfeeling anything. Thinking is fun, of course, until you poke your eye out, so to speak. I feel like it's 'fun until', same way as feeling is fun till the battery runs out and you're just hung over & exhausted. I was particularly thinking of this in the context of a fic where the whole point is to have Spock say 'fuck off' because someone harassed Jim or whatever. I'm not sure if he's supposed to say it *to* Jim, but does it matter? No, what matters is the glee in having Spock lose his shit a bit. That's somehow so purely fannish, that glee in the sheer stupidness, as I said.

I think it's sort of ironic 'cause in comparison to some people (...Spock?? ha), I'm pretty sure I don't even overthink things that much. It's more brain-spew than anything. I almost always just bullshit and anytime I write/say *anything* I'm pretty much just trying it out to see how it sounds, haha. There are some rare exceptions where I really care/believe what I'm saying, but yeah, those are rare. Spock (the character of Spock) is a rare exception. Harry is, too. Normally I think it's the bullshit in my soul that allows me to come back to fandom, again and again, in a semi-enjoyable fashion, anyway. :>

In other words, my idea of love for fandom = crack, and crack!fic = fandom. Awww, live long & cracky, fandom. Protective!catty!Spock. Drunk!Jim. Prison planet, et al. ♥.
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