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This is going to sound really weird... but I'm planning to continue my Dionysus/Ariadne/Theseus story and make it a novella for my writing project next quarter. I plan to do research on the myths/characters and Greek society/history/context of the time. So far, so good.

Now, the weird part: I'm already weirdly possessive of Dionysus. I mean. Obviously, he's a god and as such an object of worship (say, for present-day pagans and obviously for ancient Greeks). Some truly intense worship, at that (see: Maenads). But. Ummm... partly because my Ariadne resents that and feels jealous... I dunno, but the more I think of him as a 'him' and a character, the more I feel... odd about 'Dionysus the god'. Weirdly uncomfortable... because they're not so much concerned with 'Dionysus the person'. Crazy, but. He's getting a little too feisty/alive in my head. >____>;; I mean, it doesn't help that Dionysus wants to be worshipped. It's still a weird mental dissonance to think of a character as a character... and also as a god. This isn't really a problem, say, writing/thinking about Lucifer, 'cause I can separate 'my' Lucifer and 'your' Lucifer and 'his' Lucifer-- it's such a large concept/character. With Dionysus, I've only just started seriously thinking about him, so it's still 'just' Dionysus, and so my instinct is to reconcile all these images people have in order to get to know him as a character (know all my canon!), and unfortunately this creates... well, mental dissonance. Sort of like if I tried to write Lucifer/Adam slash (which I once did) while taking Satanism into account or something. It would've been seriously weird & I'm glad I didn't, that's for sure.

Also, in other insane news: I was a little taken aback yesterday at work, and had to force myself to concentrate, because....

The guy who came up to ask a qustion (a very soft-spoken guy, quite the gentleman-- dressed quite conservatively with a vest, I believe) looked just... ridiculously like Edward Cullen. *________*

I mean. Not only did he look like Robert Pattinson, but he actually looked more like Edward Cullen than Pattinson-- hair more reddish bronze than brown, for instance. It was just sort of... the weirdest thing EVER. His bone structure alone... I didn't know people (outside movie-stars) had bone structure that looked carved by a knife. o___0

I mean, I'm still a Jacob sort of girl, but. I mean, I can see where Bella was coming from, a bit. A BIT. o_0

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